Carriageworks Community Vision launched

Community Vision for the Carriageworks and Westmoreland House on Stokes Croft, Bristol was launched last night at an exhibition hosted by the People’s Republic of Stokes Croft.  Working with the project Stakeholder and Steering Groups 2MD facilitated the whole consultation process and produced the final vision. It’s been widely applauded for the way in which it has drawn together some quite dispirate communities and ambitions, and developed a cohesive set of ideas for the site.

This is what some people have been saying:

“Lots of people are stunned that we are going to them to ask what should be done. You guys are doing an absolutely amazing job and should be smiling ear to ear. We wanted exemplary public consultation of the sort never seen before and you guys are brining it. Thank you SO much.”

“Just been to your event this evening, very interesting. I look forward to the next stage in the renaissance of Stokes Croft, well done all of you: especially those who do the difficult work of brokering and negotiating different, strongly held, judgments: more of that will be needed if this all works!”

“You have done a nice job on this. Kudos.”

“Saw the excellent community vision last night. Well done to everyone at Carriageworks Action Group”

The exhibition is on for a week so, if you’re able, call in at Jamaica St studios, Bristol.

photo outside exhibition at New Gallery, Jamaica St, Bristol

Photo from Launch of Community Vision at New Gallery, Jamaica St, Bristol

Photo from Launch of Carriageworks Community Vision

photo from Launch of Carriageworks Community Vision

“Godwin is one of the most creative spirits of this century”

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