Avoiding the Apple iCloud

A bit off-topic but a solution worth pointing out for Mac users who have upgraded to Mavericks OS10.9 and aren’t too happy with being forced to use iCloud (aka big computers in the USA) in order to sync calendars and contacts between devices.

In the old days it was possible to sync your calendar and contacts between your computer, iPhone, iPad etc via by simply plugging in and everything would be updated via cable and iTunes.  With the coming of Mavericks however this facility was removed.  While there’s some sense in this (Apple’s syncing system was bespoke whereas the new system  using CalDEV and CardDEV is industry standard) it does create a few issues around security of your data (not only is it held on computers in the USA where the NSA now snoops, but it’s also an exciting target for every hacker) and who has access to it.

But there’s a solution.  In a very useful blog Michael Gracie explains how to turn your Mac desktop or laptop into its own Cloud.  Having set it up (required a bit of fiddling and trial and error), whenever I’m within WiFi range my iPhone, iPad and laptop sync their calendar and contacts with my iMac.  So it’s just as good as iCloud, but I know exactly where the data is held!